Hostap nl80211 - ath5 : WPA authentication + VLAN assignement

Maxence Dalmais maxence.dalmais
Thu Oct 22 09:23:08 PDT 2009

Hi everybody,

I try to allocate dynamics vlan with WPA-EAP authentication.
I know that lots of people had troubles using WPA  and VLAN, but I think
that was fixed.

I am using the last git hostapd version.

The card I use is a Cisco Aironet AIR-CB21AG-E-K9.
I also use the nl80211 drivers.

My kernel is a but I use the last *compat-wireless.git*.

I am unable to understand what happens, but just after the binding, my whole
computer freeze (ie, I have to reboot).
I don't know if the problem come from Hostap, the driver, or the kernel.

The assignment to the VLAN seems to be OK, but the crash come just after.
It looks like a packet arrived just after and make the server crash.

Another probleme that I notice is that the virtual interface created are
named "wlan0.X_rename" . Whereas the hostap.vlan file specify "wlan0.X" (for
example wlan0.5_rename instead of wlan0.5)
The i802_set_sta_vlan function use the "wlan0.5" notation.
Do you think that could be a part of the problem ? if yes, how to solve this

Can somebody give me more information to help me to solve my problem ?


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