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to phil: yesss the client send the password, username and some information
about the eap version (to the NAS) but also the public key in the
certification at first , to let the server read the client's messages

to sergio: thank you for the reply
*"And the following: before tls finished, both client and server send a
message which is a sign of all previous messages."*

the private key is used during the communication. client or server, when
sending their messages, those one must be encrypted with private key.. and
decrypted with the public one.

2009/3/29 phil lemelin <phil.lemelin at>

> On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 4:47 PM, new conf <newconfig at> wrote:
>> thank you for the reply..
>> I know that :) but I thought that specifying the private key in
>> wpa_supplicant means that the client will send this key to the server, while
>> that must not be done!
> By specifying the private key in wpa_supplicant, you are just giving it the
> path to find it in order to compare it in the request. The client does not
> send anything else than his password and username to my knowledge
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