Hostapd and ath9k - AP not working

sergio hostapd
Sat Mar 28 11:58:03 PDT 2009

Helena Zhang wrote:
> Thanks for the help Jouni. I switched to 2.6.29 and it works better now 
> (I don't know why but wireless testing does not work). Now I have a new 
> problem. When both sides are in a/b/g mode, the connection works fine. 
> However, when I switch to na/ng mode, the connection is very fragile. 
> The sta can associate with the ap and stays associated, but they cannot 
> ping each other unless I put the antenna in a very specific place (I 
> have to manually adjust for each connection carefully since the place 
> changes with every channel), which is really strange because the two 
> boxes are only two feet from each other. Even when I do get them to ping 
> each other the ping time is very unstable. When I do iperf, the maximum 
> throughput I managed to get is 21 Mb on channel 44, HT40+, which is a 
> lot less than what it should be. Has anyone else seen this problem 
> before? What could I be doing wrong?

Try to reduce txpower.


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