userspace_mlme for kernel 2.6.29 and wpa_supplicant-0.6.9

Ahmad Ali Tabassam ahmadthe8
Fri Mar 27 04:26:08 PDT 2009

Hello Everyone
I have updated my kernel to 2.6.29,
for my work on 802.11s  mesh networking. The driver ath5k has already
gained the mesh networking support. The new Linux kernel 2.6.29 is
released in which mesh parameters can now be configured. 

My problem is, I want to use the latest
hostapd-0.6.9, and wpa_supplicant-0.6.9 because the bug 303 ?802.11r
KDF function 'i' iteration count should be initialized to 1? is
resolved. But it has broken interoperability with previous version.

Previously I was using kernel 2.6.27
with two extra patches, vif_conf.patch and
userspace_mlme_allow_bssid_mismatch.patch for 802.11r userspace MLME
implementation. But these two patches can't be applied on new kernel
2.6.29 and the site is  also down. I can't
download these patches for new kernel 2.6.29.  How I can get them for
new kernel 2.6.29.

Jouni if you are there , would you
email me the extra patch which is also required for wpa_supplicant to
enable the user space MLME.

Looking for help!
 Best Regards 
Ahmad  Ali Tabassam

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