some mobiles did not work with hostapd/ath9k

Tamas Selmeci tselmeci
Mon Mar 23 00:17:50 PDT 2009

Hello all!

I had a problem which was reported on 18-Feb-2009: iPhone and Samsung 
i780 mobiles phones failed to work with hostapd-0.6.7 running on a 
2.6.27-rc6 kernel. Other list member(s) have also faced this problem. 
Jouni has suggested me to have a try with the latest 2.6.29 kernel...

So, the time has come, on the last week 2.6.29-rc6 was tested and now I 
can report that the problem no longer persists. The problem was some 
kind of power save mode handling in kernel, more exactly, the lack of 
handling of power save capable mobiles in 2.6.27-rc6. Since 2.6.29-rc6 
really supports such devices (as Jouni thought), we can now use those 
devices also. (Those mobiles are too clever and intended to use power 
saving, meanwhile the kernel wasn't prepared for that and package loss 

Thanks for the information!

Best regards,
Tamas Selmeci
R&D Engineer

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