wpa_supplicant can't find hidden SSID

planetf1 bugs
Thu Mar 19 10:05:01 PDT 2009

On 19/03/09 16:36, Dan Williams wrote:

> And in essence, that is exactly what your AP is doing :)  But of course
> if you don't have any control over the AP that doesn't help you.

I'm 150% behind you on the principle of hiding SSID.. but unfortunately 
the last "But" applies :-(

As an update to the last test -- headed back a few levels (0.6.3,4) but 
same behaviour

> 2) run "iwlist wlan0 scan" and see if the SSID of your AP shows up in
> the list
* ran ifconfig wlan0 up after module reload (required)
* ESSID not listed on 2 visible APs - both show
* Also confirmed correct SSID is visible from S60 device -- it is.

> 3) if it *doesn't*, that's what we want for the moment; if it does show
> up in the list, rmmod the module and modprobe it again
> 4) run "iwlist wlan0 scan essid<your essid>" a few times, waiting a few
> seconds each time
> 5) check if your AP's SSID is now shown in the list, and tell me whether
> it is or not
Nope after ~10 attempts 15s apart
> The Intel cards do some odd stuff for scanning, which can result in
> Probe Requests for specific SSIDs getting dropped on the floor.  It
> could also be that your AP sucks and isn't responding to probe requests
> with the right SSID.  But it should.
I also repeated with hw scanning enabled (shouldn't make a diff for this 
test?) and got the same results

So driver issue likely? (in the context of a nasty AP anyway)

-- Nigel

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