wpa_supplicant can't find hidden SSID

planetf1 bugs
Thu Mar 19 09:31:27 PDT 2009

On 19/03/09 15:25, Dan Williams wrote:

> Try turning off hardware scanning with "disable_hw_scan=1" when loading
> the 3945 driver in modprobe.conf.  We've found Intel hardware scanning
> still somewhat flaky in quite a few cases.

Thanks. I've just tried this again, using
options iwl3945 debug=0x0000bc88 disable_hw_scan=1
to be really sure the module had reloaded after rmmod/modprobe, and get 
the same behaviour of "SSID mismatch".

I *know* the SSID is correct and am able to connect from another device 
(Nokia N96 sunning Symbian 9.3/S60 R3 fp2)

I'm planning to backtrack wpa_supplicant versions *if* I don't hit 
dependency issues.

Also open to any better "debug=" suggestions

Finally from memory the behaviour was identical with ath5k with a 
different mini-PCI card. Unfortunately I broke one one of the mini 
antenna pins last time I swapped :-(

-- Nigel.

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