wpa_supplicant fails for WPS mode

Jagadish Murugan jugs.8724
Thu Mar 19 06:37:46 PDT 2009


I am currently porting WPS for an embedded platform and am using
wpa_supplicant to learn the WPS protocol. I am using the windows version of
WPS and VC++ for the development environment. I have been able to use
wpa_supplicant (version 0.6.8) to connect using WPA, but it fails in WPS
mode (both PBC & PIN method).
I see the following logs on "Event History" window:

Trying to associate with (AP's BSSID)
Authentication with (AP's BSSID) timed out

It would be great if you could let me know the possible cause. Any help is

Thanks & Regards,
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