[PATCH] TNC: EAP-TTLS(TNC) request to TNC disabled integrated RADIUS server

Masashi Honma honma
Fri Mar 13 02:12:21 PDT 2009


The segmentation fault occurs on hostad integrated RADIUS server,
when it received EAP-TTLS(TNC) request.

wpa_supplicant is configured to use TNC as phase2 method.

hostapd TNC functionality is disabled.

Below patch will solve it.

diff --git a/src/eap_server/eap_ttls.c b/src/eap_server/eap_ttls.c
index b097ab2..8b78d7f 100644
--- a/src/eap_server/eap_ttls.c
+++ b/src/eap_server/eap_ttls.c
@@ -953,6 +953,8 @@ static int eap_ttls_phase2_eap_init(struct eap_sm *sm,

        sm->init_phase2 = 1;
        data->phase2_priv = data->phase2_method->init(sm);
+       if (data->phase2_priv == NULL)
+               return -1;
        sm->init_phase2 = 0;
        return 0;

Masashi Honma.

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