Handoff latency in hostap

王玥 wangyue0921
Thu Mar 12 02:07:48 PDT 2009

Hi, all.
I have a question about the latency of roaming.

Some doc says that for seamless VoIP, it is recommended
that overall latency should not exceed 50ms.
And in 2004, an paper "Reducing MAC Layer Handoff 
Latenency in IEEE80211 Wireless LANs" show that, 
even with its algorithm and realized in hostap, 
the latency is still 129ms, which cannot satisfy VoIP
or seamless handover.

Today, with IEEE802.11r and some other methods in hostap,
what's the latency now? 
Does someone have done experiment on it and can share 
the results kindly?




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