[PATCH] WPS-NFC implementaion (proposal)

Masashi Honma honma
Sun Mar 8 18:57:14 PDT 2009

> Would you happen to know whether a 64-bit version of the libraries is
> available somewhere or libraries for other CPU families for that matter?

No, I don't. Please ask to SAICE or SONY. I don't have connection to them.

> Is the NXP PN531 available for consumers/end users? Is it a USB dongle
> that could be plugged into any Linux device or is there an additional
> USB device that is needed, too ("Sony NFC converter"?) It would be
> easiest for me if I could order couple of those (I'm assuming the same
> device can be used for both ends of the connection) from somewhere in
> Europe, but I have no idea who would be selling them. I would assume NFC
> is still quite a bit more popular in Japan, so maybe it would be easier
> to get the needed hardware from there(?).

First, I will tell you about my hardware.
Model number is "SAICE NFC631 Reader/Writer Kit".
This kit includes
1.NFC Reader/Writer
2.NFC card
3.Bootable CD

Only WiFi member can buy this kit via WiFi agent.

The NFC Reader/Writer is USB Serial device.
You can use this without any converter.
Because it has USBA interface.
You only need one device.

The NFC card is formatted for WPS-NFC.
The "format" means not logical but physical.
Only manufacturer can format.

The Bootable CD is Fedora 6 or 7 live CD.
It is customized to provide WiFi testbed environment.
I can do WiFi test with this CD and note PC.

The Libraries are similar to the libraries which I mentioned in
previous mail.
At least the name of the DLL and header file is identical.
I used Libraries on the CD, because wpsnfc.dll on the sight is
0 bytes.

[NFC library]
Second, about the NFC library.
The NFC Reader/Writer hardware and firmware has various versions.
Maybe the library is built for only specific hardware and firmware.
In other words, the library can be used only with SAICE kit.

When we buy a NFC device for consumer, we can't know the chipset and firmware version,
so we can't know the library is available or not in advance.
And to get WPS-NFC card is difficult.
So the best way is to get the SAICE kit.

Thank you for your review and commitment.
But in commitment comment, Enrollee/Registrar side operation
is vanished. Because of leading "#" maybe.

Masashi Honma.

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