How to set up multiple access points?

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers
Sun Apr 26 03:47:59 PDT 2009


I currently have a single access point (hostapd/madwifi) and am 
considering adding another in order to increase the coverage area.

I haven't really found any documentation on how to do this (except for 
some references in the hostapd docs to handoff).

What I _think_ I need to do is:

- The 2nd AP has the same SSID as the current-one but operates on a 
different frequency

- Whereas I haven't been using bridging so far (my current access point 
routes between the wired and wireless home network segments, as well as 
acting as the DSL modem), I think I will need to bridge the two APs' 
wireless segments together. Since I want to continue routing between 
wireless and wired segments, I think I need to do this by setting up a 
tunnel between the APs across the wired network, bridging it on each end 
to the wireless segment.

- Since I'm using WPA2-PSK with a separate key per client MAC I will 
need to rsync the key file across between the two APs.

- Because of the bridge/tunnel setup all of the routing and firewalling 
will still only be done on the current AP, not on the new-one. Also only 
one dhcpd instance is required (the one on the current AP), which will 
serve both APs.

Does this make sense?

How does handoff work, or what do I need to change in order for handoff 
to work? (I note that according to Wikipedia IAPP has been withdrawn by 
the IEEE, so should I be using it?).

Thanks, Jan

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