How to convert .pem to blob

santosh kumar upadhyaya upadhyayasantosh
Mon Apr 20 01:25:52 PDT 2009

I am trying to use blob for EAP-TLS authentication .
Actually , I am using wpa supplicant version 0.6.9.
I have tried to run EAP-TLS from Linux laptop.
I generated the CA certificate and client certificate , private key and gave the path in the configuration(wpa_supplicant.conf) file.

After that EAP-TLS worked fine for me.(from Linux laptop with certfiactes and private keys as files)

As I need to port this to a embedded platform , I am trying use the certificates as BLOBS.

Can anybody help me in this .
I want to know , how do I get the blobs from the .pem certificates.
To be precise , I want to know how do I convert the files( CA Cert(.pem) , Client Cert(.pem) and Private key(.prv)) to blobs.
Is there any standard utility to do this ???

And where these blobs will be loaded ???
Can I put these blobs in the flash or NVRAM and access as array of char ???

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