Set SSID=hex doesn't work

Dan Williams dcbw
Fri Apr 17 06:27:56 PDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 07:36 +0700, Pongsak Tawankanjanachot wrote:
> Thanks, Mr.Williams. I'm really appreciated your help.
> I can use these values to connect with AP.
> ssid="TEST"
> bssid=00:1a:4d:2f:87:2c
> but if the AP changes its SSID, the station doesn't reconnect to this
> AP (it says mismatch SSID).
> My goal is to force this station connect to this MAC address no matter
> what SSID it is.

The problem is that you need to know the SSID before you attempt
association, that's simply how wifi works.  It's not a limitation of the
supplicant, it's a limitation of WiFi on any platform.

You could create a script or daemon or something that does a scan, looks
for your BSSID, grabs the SSID from the scan result, then writes the
correct supplicant config file and kicks off the supplicant.  This sort
of thing is usually handled by connection managers that use stored
configuration to direct the supplicant to associate with a chosen BSS.


> I'm not sure if this feature is possible in wpa_supplicant.
> README says that SSID is mandatory. That's why I don't know how to
> configure the network block correctly.
> Any suggestion would be thankful.
> Pongsak
> PS>
> I also try with
> 1) ssid="TEST" bssid=00:00:00:00:00:00
> (correct SSID, wrong bssid) STA cannot connect to AP.
> 2) ssid="AAA" bssid=00:1a:4d:2f:87:2c
> (wrong SSID, correct bssid) STA cannot connect to AP.
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