WPS with wpa_supplicant dbus control interface

Jaime Soriano Pastor jsoriano
Tue Apr 7 04:36:26 PDT 2009


I'm trying to use the dbus control interface of wpa_supplicant to
connect to a WPS access point without any success.
I could connect using the command line interface, with PIN and PBC
modes, specifying always the bssid.

The only options I'm setting using dbus are:
 - "ssid" set to the network ssid or "bssid" set to the AP MAC
 - "key_mgmt" set to WPS
 - "phase1" set to "pbc=1" or "pin=<pin>"

Is it ok?

When sending the network information using dbus, are credentials also
internally handled as especified by wps_cred_processing default

And I'm also having problems to detect if a network is WPS enabled or
not when scanning. Is it possible to know it using only dbus calls?
I have seen that command line control interface receive WPS related
events, but only WpsCred seems to be sent to dbus.

Many thanks.

Best regards,


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