Problem on using the binary for windows

Jack Yip Jack
Thu Mar 27 10:05:48 PDT 2008

I was trying to use the 
* <>  (binaries for Windows) 
* <>  (Qt4 libraries from wpa_gui/Windows) 

to verify that if wpa_supplicant_0.6.3 is working well in EAP-FAST  with the Cisco AP with built-in server.


But after I install Winpcap, and enter instuction in command prompt,I found the following:



C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\Desktop\window EAP-FAST\wpa_supplicant-windows-bi
ifname: \Device\NPF_GenericDialupAdapter
description: Adapter for generic dialup and VPN capture

ifname: \Device\NPF_{ACD5A56F-6599-4006-8519-A27C10FA1956}
description: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (Microsoft's Packe
t Scheduler)

ifname: \Device\NPF_{C8A01900-17E4-491B-9E6C-A64CBFE67204}
description: Intel(R) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection (Microsoft's Packet Schedul

ifname: \Device\NPF_{6061F77E-A8DF-45B6-8408-02B9C4996A39}
description: Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter NDIS Driver (Microsoft's Packet Sched

C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\Desktop\window EAP-FAST\wpa_supplicant-windows-bi
n-0.6.3\wpa_supplicant-windows-bin-0.6.3>wpa_supplicant.exe -i'{ACD5A56F-6599-40
06-8519-A27C10FA1956}' -c wpa_supplicant.conf -d
CTRL: Open pipe 003E4588
CTRL: ConnectNamedPipe: connection in progress
Initializing interface ''{ACD5A56F-6599-4006-8519-A27C10FA1956}'' conf 'wpa_supp
licant.conf' driver 'default' ctrl_interface 'N/A' bridge 'N/A'
Reading configuration file 'wpa_supplicant.conf'
Line 616: unknown EAP method 'IKEV2'
You may need to add support for this EAP method during wpa_supplicant
build time configuration.
See README for more information.
Line 616: failed to parse eap 'IKEV2'.
Line 619: failed to parse network block.
Priority group 20
   id=23 ssid='example'
Priority group 10
   id=4 ssid='example'
Priority group 5
   id=0 ssid='simple'
   id=18 ssid='static-wep-test'
   id=19 ssid='static-wep-test2'
Priority group 2
   id=1 ssid='second ssid'
   id=2 ssid='example'
   id=5 ssid='example'
   id=7 ssid='example'
Priority group 1
   id=3 ssid='example'
Priority group 0
   id=6 ssid='example'
   id=8 ssid='example'
   id=9 ssid=''
   id=10 ssid='eap-sim-test'
   id=11 ssid='eap-psk-test'
   id=12 ssid='1x-test'
   id=13 ssid='leap-example'
   id=15 ssid='eap-fast-test'
   id=16 ssid='eap-fast-test'
   id=17 ssid='plaintext-test'
   id=20 ssid='test adhoc'
   id=21 ssid='example'
   id=22 ssid='example'
   id=24 ssid=''
Failed to read or parse configuration 'wpa_supplicant.conf'.
Failed to add interface '{ACD5A56F-6599-4006-8519-A27C10FA1956}'
Cancelling scan request
Cancelling authentication timeout
CTRL: close pipe 003E4588




Is there anything I input wrongly?

Do I need to append the wpa_supplicant.conf ?

Does anyone try this before?


Thank You!!!!







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