IPv6 unique local address flushes on up/down

Chr chunkeey
Tue Mar 25 07:57:21 PDT 2008


I have a problem with hostapd & IPv6... 

as you might know, or not... hostapd needs to initialize 
the interface (e.g it changes it to master/accesspoint mode,
which can only be done if the interface is down)... 

However if the interface is brought down & up again (e.g whenever
hostap starts or restarts)... the IPv6 logic flushes the unique-local ipv6 
address that I gave it (by hand) with ip addr add fddb:xyz...::1//64 dev ath0 
in /etc/network/interfaces ifup script (-probably debian specific-).

And that's bad, because bind9,ISC dhcp-server v4.1 and racoon(IPsec/VPN)
needs a static address for their records/lease database and configuration...

This wasn't problem with the old IPv4... because there the 
10.x.y.z or 192.168.a.b addresses aren't deleted when the interface 
was _reinitialized_ by the hostap...

Now my question, which _one_ should we fix the applications or the stack?!
I think the network stack, but I don't know if there are RFC about this 
issue... or is there already some flag/setting which I've missed so far?  


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