Supplicant used different EAP type 13: (TLS)

Chr chunkeey
Mon Mar 24 07:03:26 PDT 2008


I have a very funny problem here... But first let me explain.
The AP setup: 
WPA-EAP (WPA+RSN) TLS - madwifi-ng-r3403 (AR5416/AR5008) 
and hostapd 0.6.3 (built-in eap-server)...

I have about 10 _different_ clients (Windows XP/Vista, Linux with
different versions of wpa_supplicant and a Apple Mac OS X 10.4 
with a Airport Express).

The most clients can connect, ping & surf without any problems,
But all Windows XP (Only XP!) ones generate a strange error 
with the default TLS setting! (The non-default
settings works too! but take a look at the error first).

authentication failed - EAP type: 0 (Unknown)
Supplicant used different EAP type: 13 (TLS)

With any other client (like Vista/wpa_supp/Apple) it looks like this:
IEEE 802.11: associated
WPA: pairwise key handshake completed (RSN)
IEEE 802.1X: authenticated - EAP type: 0 (Unknown)
WPA: group key handshake completed (RSN))

Now, according to the log... the authentication failed because
the Windows XP client _really_ used TLS... while all other clients  
are using a "Unkown type" that is actually TLS because the AP only
allows TLS authentication?!

Does anybody knows whats going on? Or maybe what could be screw up?


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