GTK rekey problem

Uri Simchoni UriS
Mon Mar 17 21:32:19 PDT 2008

I reported the same problem a few weeks a go and supplied a patch for
the madwifi driver and version 0.4.10.

The scenario in which GNoStations gets to -1 is when the driver sends a
deauthentication indication to an already deauthenticated station. The
station still exists - it's about to be deleted by the next timer
callback, but getting the indication from the driver before deleting the
station causes the station to go once more through some states and
decrement GNoStations on the way.

In my patch I also fixed cases where GNoStations remains positive - also
race conditions of that kind.

As I said, the driver-specific part of the patch is only for madwifi,
although I suspect the same bug exist in other drivers.


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