wpa_supplicant - Navisradius5 failure parsing ClientHello

caz riley macmoon
Wed Mar 5 19:36:24 PST 2008

  I'm using wpa_suuplicant to test eap-ttls and cannot get the TLS session to setup. I've used other supplicants against the navisradius without problems.
  Here is the radius log...
  9 <tls.protocolhandler> Not a V2Hello: Two-byte length marker not set
  9 <tls.protocolhandler> server/15 >>> Transmitting AlertMessage: Fatal: decode_error (50)
  9 <plugin.AuthEapTtls.aaa:authEapTtls> Enter nwkDataAvailable( ByteBuffer[] array )
  9 <plugin.AuthEapTtls.aaa:authEapTtls> EapPlugin$MessageCallback.setEapException()
  9 <plugin.AuthEapTtls.aaa:authEapTtls> EapPlugin.processMessage()
  9 <plugin.AuthEapTtls.aaa:authEapTtls> FAILURE -- Error processing EAP message: com.lucent.aaa.eap.EapException: 
  Unable to process TLS data: com.lucent.aaa.tls.TlsException: Failed to decode ClientHello, message truncated
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