fbernal at um.es fbernal
Mon Mar 3 09:33:56 PST 2008

Hi all,

I'm working with HOSTAP and I want to avoid the sending of the EAP  
REQUEST ID message and to start directly with the first message of a  
EAP METHOD. See the following example to clarify.

message interchange in the EAP MD5 method.

1) A-> P: eap request/id

2) P->A: eap response/id

3) A->P: eap-md5 request

4) P->A: eap-md5 response

5) A->P: eap success

The idea is remove messages 1 and 2 when the mobile node attaches to  
the access point.

So, my ask is: what's the part in the hostap's code that must be  
modified to avoid the initial eap request/id?

Thank you very much,

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