WPS support in wpa_supplicant

Raghavendra s.raghu
Sun Aug 31 22:03:54 PDT 2008


 Can anyone tell me which document/draft I have to refer to know more about 


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> Hi,
> I applied wps patch(dated 15th August 2008) against
> wpa_supplicant-0.5.10. I successfully compiled it. I am using marvell
> driver gspi8686. I am enabling wpa_supplicant as below.
>  ./wpa_supplicant -Dwext -ieth0 -c./wpa.conf -w -ddd
> I have following doubts:
> 1. Whether I need AP that supports WPS or Is there a way to test
> without using AP?

Yes, you will need an AP that support WPS. Many vendors support WPS at
this point, but I have had good luck with the DLink DGL-4500 and the
Netgear WNDR3300.

> 2. Whether I should change something in gspi8686 driver?

The two kernel driver changes I needed to make were to pass the WPS IE
in the probe response back to the supplicant and include the WPS IE in
the probe request and association request packets.


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