WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) update

Chuck Tuffli CTuffli
Thu Aug 28 07:42:32 PDT 2008

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> Hi !
> Tried to compile the wpa_supplicant including the wps-patch 
> but I got some errors..... (included below)
> 1) Can you help with the compile errors (what am I doing wrong) ?

It looks like my patch doesn't compile unless the .config contains both


Unfortunately, it also looks like copying defconfig to .config has issues as well. Look for an update tomorrow that will fix these problems. If you want to try something before tomorrow, add the two lines above in your .config and remove the other CONFIG_EAP_* lines.

> 2) You say that you need to do some work regarding support 
> for external registrars.... Does this mean connection to 
> external wireless registrars over AdHoc (in case of legacy AP)

I'm not a big fan of external registrars and wouldn't support them except that the certification tests require it. That said, the patch tomorrow will support for both wired and wireless external registrars, but I don't think it will support the senario you describe. Are you aware of a product that supports WPS through a legacy AP?


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