WPA-PSK with wpa_supplicant

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Aug 25 07:48:06 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 23:33 -0500, sanjeev sharma wrote:
> Hi all,
> i am having problem with wpa_supplicant on fedora.i am trying to
> connect with hidden SSID through WPA-PSK. it doesn't connect with it.
> These are the Environment.
> Host:Fedora -8
> wpa_supplicant--.6.5
> What is the parameter of Wpa_supplicant conf file.

What have you got for your current conf file?  If you post that (be sure
to mask out any secrets of course) then we can certainly have a better
idea of what's going wrong for you.  Also useful is the 'iwlist wlan0
scan' (replace wlan0 with your card's interface name) output for the AP
you're trying to connect to (again, mask out the BSSID/AP address of
your AP if you like) so we can ensure that your configuration will
actually match the AP you're trying to associate with.

What driver are you using?  How you connect to a hidden SSID is
unfortunately still dependent on what linux kernel driver your hardware
is controlled by.

Furthermore, what kernel version?  The output of 'uname -a' here will


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