implementing new eap method

Chanthearith HUON chanthearith.huon
Fri Aug 22 09:03:31 PDT 2008

Dear Jouni Malinen,

I am a student from T?l?com-sudparis. I am now developing eap-ehash for 
I read your implementation page 

Little story about my implementation:
We have now have server freeRadius whose eap_ehash is already 
implemented, patched and run well with xsupplicant.
Now, we decided to implement the ehash in wpa_supplicant.

I would like to implement directly ehash to the wpa_supplicant. I have 
tried the source codes and tried 
to compile in eclipse but it didnt work.

For this reason, i would like to know your suggestion?
How to be able to debug, test and compile my new module in 
wpa_supplicant with eclipse with actual freeradius server (freeradius 
1.1.6)? which source wpa_supplicant codes to download, procedure...

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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