Few doubts about ad-hoc devices

Raghavendra s.raghu
Thu Aug 21 03:46:55 PDT 2008

Hi All,

  I have two doubts.
  a..  Assume I have one wlan device enabled with ad-hoc mode and with no-security. I am using wpa_supplicant for this purpose. Since this is a first device to create a ad-hoc network, with no security. It is always possible that other devices can connect to my device easily in ad-hoc mode.  Is there a way to know other devices connecting to this device in ad-hoc mode? some indications/events using wpa_supplicant or some ioctls?

  a.. Is it possible to hide device ssid in ad-hoc mode? so that even if some body scans my ad-hoc device ssid should not get displayed in scan result.

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