cross-compiling with SMARTCARD or PCSC

Sergio sergioyebenes
Tue Aug 19 03:03:14 PDT 2008

Sergio escribi?:
> Hi,
> i have two questions:
> i've cross-compiled wpa_supplicant with only CONFIG_SMARTCARD, not
> CONFIG_PCSC. Because i don't need eap-sim or eap-aka (like are written
> into doc),but eap-tls with a smartcard into a reader. at this time i
> don't have any AP and i'm testing with eapol_test. eapol_test can
> establish TLS session and receives Success from radius (having
> CONFIG_EAPOL_TEST=y commented, so i suposse default is "y"). Is it
> enough to perform final client authentication with wpa_supplicant,
> supossing the other config options ok?
> well....and, when i put PCSC support, and after copying WinSCard library
> from microsft sdk to mingw libraries folder, my compiler print this:
> ........
> -o ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.o ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.c
> In file included from ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.c:20:
> /usr/include/PCSC/winscard.h:31: error: syntax error before
> /usr/include/PCSC/winscard.h:33: error: syntax error before "hContext"
> /usr/include/PCSC/winscard.h:35: error: syntax error before "hContext"
> /usr/include/PCSC/winscard.h:37: error: syntax error before "hContext"
> .............
> ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.c:93: error: syntax error before "SCARDCONTEXT"
> ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.c:93: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or
> union
> ../src/utils/pcsc_funcs.c:94: warning: type defaults to `int' in
> declaration of `card'
> I know that LPSCARDCONTEXT, for example, is in pcsclite.h. Looking into
> pcsclite.h i see:
> #ifdef WIN32
> #include <winscard.h>
> #else
> 	......some definitions, like LPSCARDCONTEXT
> So, i suppose that my winscard.h is being including, and need some
> definitions from somewhere. You can see that i have libpcsclite and
> libpcsclite-dev installed, and pcsclite.h is sitting into PCSC/ dir.
> i've tried to copy it into ddk/ folder but got the same result. Really i
> think i'm missing something.
> some help?
> thank you
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with CONFIG_PCSC=y compiler needs WinSCard.Lib, winscard.h, winsmcrd.h 
and ScardErr.h. But winscard.h depends on some definitions which seems 
that are not included with any file, looking into dependencies.
while compiling i have errors beginning with a "syntax error before 
LPCGUID". This data type is defined into Guiddef.h but is not included 
with any header file. Have i missed any option into .config file?


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