cross-compiling wpa_supplicant with external libraries

Sergio sergioyebenes
Sat Aug 2 09:04:24 PDT 2008


recently i built wpa_supplicant.exe with eap-tls support. The goal was 
compile with libeay.a and libssl32.dll into mingw libraties folder and

LIBS += -leay32 -lssl32 into .config file. Really i was lucky because  
there are many examples over internet about how to compile openssl under 
windows, which is useful information. Now i want to compile with pc/sc 
(not too easy), also compile win_if_list.exe and wpa_passphrase.exe and 
others which needs other options for the compiler and other libraries or 
.a files (i suppose). I'd like to ask if anybody knows any web page or 
information somewhere because i want to find this options for myself, 
not trying with examples. Makefile is useful but not much because hurts 
my brain sometimes. Any suggestion?


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