FreeBSD version of wired wpa_supplicant driver

Jouke Witteveen j.witteveen
Wed Feb 28 02:14:05 PST 2007

Dear mister Leffler,
Hello all,

Lately I have been trying to make wpa_supplicant work for wired
interfaces on FreeBSD. The driver_wired.c code of the supplicant has
been corrected to ask for multicast membership the right way, and if.c
has been updated to handle multicast requests properly (special thanks
to Bruce Simpson).
Some testing with wpa_supplicant 0.5.7 show that a little more work
needs to be done.
Monitoring traffic with tcpdump (*not* going promiscious) I can see
how, on FreeBSD, wpa authentication is started properly, but a
response to the server's 'Request Identity' is not sent. In Linux this
response is sent immediately. I suspect l2_packet_freebsd.c to not
properly receive the packages (ie l2_packet_receive fails to work)
because the initial frame is sent out correctly.
As I can think of now there are two possible solutions. One being a
revision of the existing l2-freebsd code, the other a override on
receiving frames for the wired driver.
As I'm not a fast programmer on these matters I send out this e-mail
as a request for help and an assurance for me that I am not
duplicating someone else's efforts.

- Jouke

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