Git repository for hostapd/wpa_supplicant

Pavel Roskin proski
Sat Feb 24 19:57:59 PST 2007

Quoting Jouni Malinen <j at>:

> I imported the full CVS repository of the Host AP project into a Git
> repository and made this available at
> Using git protocol:
> git://

Thanks!  It was one of the last CVS repositories I was tracking.  I won't need
to use tools like cvs2cl just to find out what the recent changes were.  tig
and qgit do it much better.

> Using HTTP (if git protocol is firewalled):

The funny thing is that it crashes git:

$ git clone
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/proski/tmp/hostap/.git/
got d3c506b2ab0c8b0f0b649866c44c2af9afa5fdeb
walk d3c506b2ab0c8b0f0b649866c44c2af9afa5fdeb
got abb1e4981d831aab57b5172cb2bd8ed1014e1544
Getting alternates list for
got ddfb47766d8b188c2149aed43afc17181677fdea
got 5ad3352189c6fdc1aa771592ec2765335fc255fe
/home/proski/bin/git-clone: line 33: 14151 Segmentation fault      (core dumped)
git-http-fetch -v -a -w "$tname" "$name" "$1/"

Retrying the fetch manually gives:

$ git-http-fetch -v -a d3c506b2ab0c8b0f0b649866c44c2af9afa5fdeb
walk d3c506b2ab0c8b0f0b649866c44c2af9afa5fdeb
Resuming fetch of object 5ad3352189c6fdc1aa771592ec2765335fc255fe at byte 4060
walk ddfb47766d8b188c2149aed43afc17181677fdea
Getting alternates list for
Getting pack list for
error: Unable to find 60549be514af76c5db0c17ce6bbe01b2f81e2d9e under
Cannot obtain needed blob 60549be514af76c5db0c17ce6bbe01b2f81e2d9e
while processing commit ddfb47766d8b188c2149aed43afc17181677fdea.
Waiting for
Waiting for

The object starting with 60549 is indeed missing.  The crash is in the curl
library, which has been a problem before.  I don't want hostap to be the
testbed, so please go ahead and fix it.

You could try running git-gc, which does many maintenance operations on the
repository.  Please let me know if you need help fixing this problem.

> WWW interface (gitweb) to the repository:

That's fine.

> For the time being, this repository is somewhat experimental. In other
> words, if anything is found to be wrong with it, I may end up
> re-importing it from CVS and that will mean that clones of the
> repository would likely need to be re-cloned from scratch.

If you have problems with git, the git community will be ready to help you. 
Some people would hate to hear about anyone abandoning git for whatever reason.

Pavel Roskin

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