ioctl[unknown???]: No such file or directory

Nazeer Khan Nazeer.Khan
Sat Feb 24 15:11:03 PST 2007


I am using hostapd-0.4.9 to configure EAP-TLS with madwifi. I am getting
the following error.

ioctl[unknown???]: No such file or directory

I get this for

madwifi_set_key (priv=0x8081c30, alg=0x8081b40 "TKIP", addr=0x0,
key_idx=1, key=0x8082020
"???}?\201h$W\224:Z2P?\214Zh???xZ?R?\030?\225Z?\211", key_len=32)

I have checked if addr = NULL => It is changed to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff in
this function. So the error is not due to the address. Any idea why am i
getting this error.

I get this when the GMK and GTK is generated in "wpa_init()" (called in
hostapd_setup_interface) and key is needed to be set.

Why am i getting this error?

Thank you.


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