Problems: associating ipw3945 wpa_supplicant

Norbert Preining preining
Tue Feb 20 07:46:27 PST 2007

Hi Jouni!

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 17:01:40 -0800 "Jouni Malinen" <j at> wrote:
> > network={
> > 	ssid="Hotel NoName"
> > 	key_mgmt=NONE
> > 	auth_alg=SHARED
> > 	wep_key0="5570441089532"
> Hmm.. Is this AP configured to require Shard Key authentication for WEP?
> Have you been able to use WEP with Open System authentication with
> other APs? I've done very limited testing with ipw3945 and have never
> tested Shared Key authentication with it, so I do not know what kind of
> behavior to expect from it.

Aemm ... sorry I don't understand completely: I have a AP which only requires knowing the WEP key, no other authentication whatsoever.

Do you want to say that this configuration is wrong for this setup? If yes, what would be the right one?

> Have you tried associating with this AP using just iwconfig?

Yes, I set the AP and the key, and it didn't associate.

> That "unassociated" text does not look very associated to me.. My first
> guess would be that the client is trying to associate, but fails in
> Shared Key authentication before association.

Any suggestions what to change in the config file?

Thanks a lot and all the best

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