State of roaming support in wpa_supplicant 0.5.7

LTI. - Ticmanis, Linards LTI
Thu Feb 15 10:41:36 PST 2007

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> Yes, this has been done in some customer projects, i.e., 
> wpa_supplicant
> has been modified to do background scanning (with the help of the
> driver) and allow it to roam even if not strictly necessary (i.e.,
> before running out of range).

Ok, thanks, probably we will go that way too then.

> For a simple test on Linux, it could be
> enough to just run 'iwlist <iface> scan' from an external 
> script every N
> seconds and see what happens.. wpa_supplicant should notice 
> the new scan
> results and select an AP based on them.

Hmmm... wpa_supplicant (or *something*) does sent scans at regular intervals 
anyway. As I see the mesage from the supplicant in the syslog that it got new 
scan results. The problem seemingly comes down to rewriting the selection 

> The driver interface is expected to provide results in priority order.
> In case of any Linux driver that uses wireless extensions for scan
> results this sorting is done in driver_wext.c.

Ok, cool, the driver interface I'm using (third-party addition) isn't 
driver_wext.c as such, but many of its functions are implemented as calls 
into driver_wext.c, including the "get scan results" function. So this should 
already work.

Thanks for your help,
Linards Ticmanis

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