Intel 2200 Mini-PCI + hostapd

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers
Fri Feb 9 07:50:12 PST 2007


Fred Leeflang wrote:
> Uhm.
> Was my question that difficult? I'll rephrase it.
> Can hostapd to be made to run on an Intel Pro
> 2200?
> -Fred

Jouni makes available two pieces of software with very nearly the same 
name but with radically different purposes. Hostap is a driver for a 
specific series of chipsets (Prism), whereas hostapd is what you need to 
create a wireless access point that supports WPA(2).

I have no experience with the Intel chipset that you mention, but if you 
have a driver for it that is compatible with the Linux wireless 
extensions then you should be able to use hostapd with it (compile it 
for wext). Or select whichever API to your wireless driver is 
appropriate and compile/configure hostapd to use that (I only use 
Atheros chipsets and therefore use the madwifi driver and hostapd 

Hope this helps.

Regards, Jan

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