Wpa_supplicant in a shaky network environment

Antti Mäkelä zarhan
Fri Feb 9 05:04:47 PST 2007


   could you take a look at a bug I filed at Gentoo (and got suggestions that 
this should be addressed at wpa_cli or wpa_supplicant):


   Yes, I read TODO.TXT. The only reference to this kind of issue I see is the

- on disconnect event, could try to associate with another AP if one is
   present in scan results; would need to update scan results periodically..

   Anyway - it seems that at least wpa_cli.c has quite a lot of similarities to 
ifplugd code, but, if I had interpreted things correctly, parsing events and 
executing action scripts happens within the same function 
(wpa_cli_action_process()), on the same call.

   Thus, any patch to include a "downtime threshold" would change the entire 
structure a bit - separate parsing of wpa events from executing the actions, 
and including a timer.

   Personally, I've found this problem annoying enough recently (the office 
building I frequently visit must have a gazillion access points) that I'll 
probably have enough motivation to try to write something to fix this, at least 

   However - I'd rather not reinvent the wheel again - so - is somebody else 
already taking a look at this issue and working on a fix?

   Anyway, what I'd like to change is

   the current functionality of

static void wpa_cli_action_process(const char *msg)

   should be split to

static char* wpa_cli_action_process_parse(const char *msg)


static void wpa_cli_action_process_exec(char *event)

   where the first would simply get the event (connect or disconnect) and upon 
return, start a timer. The latter would then be executed when the timer goes 
off. A newly received re-connect to the same network (including re-completing 
802.1X) within a threshold time would not cause the action script to be 

   What do you think?

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