[semi-OT] "virtual AP" (multiple beacon, multiple BSSID) on Linksys h/w

Federico Bianchi f.bianchi
Fri Feb 9 00:27:08 PST 2007

Does anyone know whether there is any way of getting a so-called "virtual
AP" out of a Linksys WRT54GS (I also have a "spare" WRV54G, which might be
a better choice)? Having a single WLAN network in my work environment (an
humanities department, with a public access library; all in a XVII century
building), with both an open Intranet and a sealed 802.1X Internet access
would be much simpler for users.

Best regards, and thanks a lot for your help

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			Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti
			Universita` di Pisa
			piazza S.Matteo in Soarta, 2 - I56127 Pisa (Italy)
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			fax.+39-050-580128; e-mail: <f.bianchi at arte.unipi.it>
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