APs and multiple BSSID support (OT?)

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Wed Feb 7 04:09:48 PST 2007

Bob Carlson wrote:
> The problem with mult. SSID/BSSIDs is that there is no way to make
> the hardware aware of 2 different BSSIDs for things like timing
> derived from the beacons.

Your multiple-BSSID APs don't send out different beacons for each
virtual BSSID?  Ours do (Cisco 1100s and 1231s).  I suspect it's an
option in the AP setup, but I'm not sure why you'd turn that option off.

> That's a long winded explanation for a simple need. Because I can
> only successfully connect to 2 different BSSIDs if they are supported
> by the same physical AP,

I guess I don't see why this is necessary from your explanation.  It
should work whether your client is connecting to two BSSIDs on one AP or
on two APs; the client shouldn't care.

Unless you mean that a single client radio can't operate on multiple
frequencies at once?  In that case, just look at the channel number
given in the beacons, and refuse to connect to multiple BSSIDs that are
on different channels.  Do the same for other parameters that affect
whether your code works or not (e.g. maybe DTIM interval matters).

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