hostapd brings interface down on startup

Wolfram Schlich lists
Mon Apr 30 03:23:49 PDT 2007


I am wondering why hostapd brings the interface down and up
again on startup :-/ 
This way, the interface loses all its IPv6 addresses (IPv4
addresses stay though -- this is reproducible without
hostapd, e.g. by running "ip link set ath0 down" + "[...] up").

Funny thing is I don't recall experiencing this with a
prism-2.5 hostap_pci driven card. I just switched to
an atheros-5212 ath_pci driven card and my problems began
(will write about other issues with WPA2 in a new mail).
I am too lazy to exchange the card again just to test this though ;)

Can anyone else reproduce this?
What's the reason for bringing down and up the interface at all?!

I am using hostapd-0.5.7 and madwifi-ng-0.9.3 on linux-2.6.21.

Wolfram Schlich <wschlich at>
Gentoo Linux *

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