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Nazeer Khan Nazeer.Khan
Sat Apr 21 19:19:57 PDT 2007


When we use madwifi/hostapd, we configure two type of sockets.
drv->sock_xmit = l2_packet_init(drv->iface, NULL, ETH_P_EAPOL,
					handle_read, drv, 1);

drv->sock_recv = l2_packet_init(hapd->conf->bridge, NULL, ETH_P_EAPOL,
					handle_read, drv, 1);

eloop_register_read_sock(s, madwifi_wireless_event_receive, drv, NULL);

(madwifi_wireless_event_receive) called in this case

I needed some guidance which would help me write to remove open system
auth/assoc from driver.

1. How hostapd gets frames from madwifi.
2. The second socket type is just used when a station is
associated/disassociated. How does hostapd gets notified in this case? (I
can use something here that when the station do auth/assoc request for the
first time, instead of hostapd just getting notified hostapd gets control
by sending the response and driver does not send it)

Thank you

> On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 08:10:59AM +1000, Nazeer Khan wrote:
>> I am using EAP-TLS and EAP-PSK as authentication. I am using
>> hostapd/madwifi. Actually, the open system authentication/association is
>> first completed with the driver and then hostapd gets control and 802.1x
>> port is blocked. I need control over the open system
>> authentication/association too. I want that when the station do
>> authentication request, madwifi only replies on the command of hostapd.
>> Similarly for association request.
> madwifi does not support this kind of operation mode as far as I know,
> so you would need to modify it (or the net80211 component of it to be
> more precise). hostapd implements 802.11 authentication and association,
> but they are only used when the driver allows this to be done (in
> practice, this would now mean Host AP driver and Devicescape 802.11
> code, i.e., net/mac80211 in wireless-dev.git tree which could be used
> with dadwifi and Atheros cards).
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