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Ryan Langseth ryanl
Sun Apr 15 09:40:07 PDT 2007

On Apr 15, 2007, at 10:23 AM, Gary Eden wrote:

> Members,
>     I have a setup in which I've constructed 2-soekris 4826's and  
> one soekris 4521 in one
> enclosure.
You could be getting too much noise inside the enclosure with a setup  
like this, when enough people connect the noise desensitizes the  
radio and it can't listen because of all the other radios  yelling  
and then it stops tallking.  Try putting the 4826s in their own  
enclosures.  We now only put one radio per soekris per enclosure for  
access points. Although we do have alot of two-radio systems still  

> The 4826's are each loaded with 2-100mW prism minipci cards and  
> collectively they power a 17dBi Quad 90 degree Sector antenna  
> array. The operating system used for all of these boards is  
> pebblelinux v. 2.4.26. The 4521 holds the backhaul radios, is  
> linked to the 4826's via eth0 and eth1, and runs flawlessly.
What channel is set on each card?
Is there anything else in the area that may be interfering ? If you  
have one available take a spectrum analyzer over to the site and  
check out the noise level.

> However the 4826's exhibit a serious problem in that when a number  
> of clients associate to the AP the/a radio will just go deaf and  
> mute.Currently less than 10 clients are assigned to any AP/radio.  
> Observations seem to indicate the more clients that associate to  
> the AP the more likely it will shut down.Thankfully adding iwpriv  
> <interface> reset 1 as a cron job every three minutes keeps it  
> going for the time being but I have other systems running that are  
> being taxed much more than these with no problems whatsoever.
Do you have other system like this in one enclosure?

> I must emphasize that its just the radio's that are acting up, the  
> eth ports continue working fine, the soekris keeps chugging along.  
> Its just the radio's.This leads me to believe there is no problem  
> with power supply as this, as seen in past, will reset the entire  
> soekris board and this isn't happening.The same os is running in  
> other systems with the same version of hostap with no problems  
> whatsoever.This is the vendor radio info:
> cPath=26_34&products_id=228&osCsid=237dc471e752d758c185256339310299
> There is not alot of info to be gleaned from the logs to indicate a  
> problem, so at this point I'm pretty much in the dark as to why  
> this is happening. Any help with this would be very welcome. Thank  
> you!

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