How to teach wpa_supplicant about syslog?

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Apr 9 07:07:07 PDT 2007


I'd like to get wpa_supplicant speaking syslog for non-windows-based OSs
(since syslog support in hostapd is apparently *NIX only).  I'd like the
log facility to be configurable such that the caller may specify the
appropriate facility, but the default is LOG_DAEMON.  hostapd already
has some syslog support in git, but wpa_supplicant apparently has none
at all.

Jouni, what would you suggest?  I've got a patch (unsuitable for commit)
that makes the wpa_print* functions do either syslog or printf based on
a command line option.  But it's orthogonal to the hostapd syslog
support, and that's probably not a good thing.  I'd probably use the
hostapd_logger_cb stuff, but that involves fixing up wpa_printf and
friends to use just _one_ instance of printf(), not 10.


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