Multiple networks for the same ssid

Rodolfo Giometti giometti
Thu Apr 5 08:50:42 PDT 2007


if I define into wpa_supplicant configuration file the following network entry:


I get into wpa_cli:

> scan_results
bssid / frequency / signal level / flags / ssid
00:0b:6b:4e:36:05       2462    201     [WPA-PSK-TKIP+CCMP]     myssid
00:0b:6b:4e:36:19       2462    199     [WPA-PSK-TKIP+CCMP]     myssid
> list_networks
network id / ssid / bssid / flags
0       myssid    any     [CURRENT]

As you can see I have two APs with the same ssid but the wpa_supplicant sees
only one network... it could be logic but what about if I need to roam between
the two APs? Maybe if the signal strenght is low or for any other reason...
I think it could be useful having the possibility to see something like the
following by default:

network id / ssid / bssid / flags
0       myssid    00:0b:6b:4e:36:05     [CURRENT]
1       myssid    00:0b:6b:4e:36:19

Is that wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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