AT_NOTIFICATION is missing on the EAP_AKA server (authenticator)

Gang Lu ganglu28
Mon Apr 2 07:36:39 PDT 2007


This is a question to Jouni and those who understands
the EAP-AKA implementation in hostapd. 

I am using the hostapd 0.5.7 version code (latest
stable). However, I can't see anywhere the code tries
to generate AT_NOTICATION back to the client as
required by RFC in certain cases. However, the client
side code (wpa-supplicant) does do that, generating
AT_NOTICATION back to server upon receing
AT_NOTIFICATIOn froms erver according to the RFC.

So, I see the client is doing the right thing but the
server (hostapd) seems missing the implementation to

Can you confirm whether my observation is true? I can
contribute a patch if that is the case or enter a
feature request.



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