AES mode: lots of suppressed log messages from kernel

Alex Kanavin ak
Mon Oct 30 04:10:01 PST 2006

Hi folks,

I'm using FC6 on a Powerbook 12" with a Motorola SBG900E access point/cable
modem. When the interface is up, /var/log/messages is filled with

Oct 27 00:50:15 cs78142018 kernel: printk: 183 messages suppressed.
Oct 27 00:50:15 cs78142018 kernel: printk: 409 messages suppressed.

It only appears when I configure the Motorola to use WPA AES, but if
it uses WPA TKIP, everything is fine. Running wpa_supplicant directly
from the console with -d option does
not produce anything unusual.

How can I investigate this?


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