Bryan Kadzban bryan
Fri Oct 27 04:01:05 PDT 2006

jon.garciadesalazar at wrote:
> So, if I use a WPA2 capable hardware along with wpa_supplicant there
> should be no problem to use either of them (PEAP or EAP-FAST). Am I
> right?

I do not believe there should be any problem.  (As long as EAP-FAST is a
publicly-documented protocol, and is implemented in wpa_supplicant, that
is.  I believe it is both, but I am not sure.  Ah, yes, it is supported
-- the wpa_supplicant page has it in its list.)

If there is a problem, posting wpa_supplicant's debug logs here (-dd or
-ddt if you want timestamps) should help track it down.

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