how to get collisions and error statistics?

Eduard GV eduardgv
Thu Oct 19 04:29:48 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I need to retrieve statistics from an AP running hostap driver,
specially all information regarding the number of packets
received/transmitted with errors and the number of collisions.

I've been looking into /proc/net/hostap statistics and I have some questions:

Is there any way to distinguish between frames received with errors
and collisions? The command ifconfig returns a parameter "collisions"
but I don't thing this is provided by wireless card.

Frame statistics (from /proc/net/hostap/wlanX/stats) include control
and management frames?

Per STA statistics (from /proc/net/hostap/wlanX/MA:CA:DD:RE:SS) are
obtained from L2 frames or L3 packets (in fact, it contains parameters
rx_packets, tx_packets, etc. but it is not clear to me that they are
"packets" and not "frames")?.

To sum up, I need an AP to compute the probability that a frame
suffers a collision and the probability that a frame is
received/transmitted with errors?or the most similar value (I'm
content with ptob. that a data frame is not transmitted correctly).

Thank you!

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