Please, reply to my question.

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers
Thu Oct 12 03:30:17 PDT 2006

??? wrote:
> In order to run hostap supporting WPA2, does it need to run both hostap 
> and hostapd on my laptop?
> If not, does it need to run only hostapd if I use ahteros device using 
> madwifi driver?

Correct, you only need madwifi (which is the driver for your 
Atheros-based wireless card) and hostapd (which uses the driver to turn 
the card into a WPA access point).

Tell us about your configuration: what are you trying to achieve (which 
clients, authentication method, encryption, ...). Please show us your 
configuration file but be sure to remove sensitive information such as 
keys and possibly the SSID.

Regards, Jan

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