wpa_supplicant as library...

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Sun Oct 8 19:24:51 PDT 2006

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 03:14:06PM +0200, Stjepan Gros wrote:

> I'm continuing the story with ikev2 and wpa_supplicant based on your
> advice to include only EAP machines into IKEv2 daemon.
> We also figured out that on responder side, we only need to use radius
> client module (RADIUS server will implement state machines).

Who is taking care of re-transmitting packets in this case? RADIUS
server doesn't do it, so something in the authenticator would need to do
it. Is that handled by something in IKEv2?

> Anyway, I made Makefiles that should be placed into the follwing
> directories:
> Makefile.lib.hostapd into wpa_supplicant/hostapd

Hmm.. This does not seem to include RADIUS authentication client. Is
that on purpose?

> It's not complete, and certainly it's not perfect. But, before
> continuing, there are some questions. Is this right step? Do you agree
> that things should be done this way? Do you have any comments and/or
> suggestions?

I'm not completely sure I understood all the details, so I don't have a
an answer to this at this point. In general, the Makefiles looked fine,
but some more details would be needed to fully understand the design.

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