Trying to connect to network with LEAP authentication

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Wed Oct 4 20:00:09 PDT 2006

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 12:46:35PM -0700, James J. Ramsey wrote:

> I finally was able to get the ipw3945 driver to give
> debugging messages. This time, the driver is version
> 1.1.0, patched into the 2.6.18 kernel and compiled
> against ieee80211 1.2.15, also patched into the
> kernel. My config file for wpa_supplicant is still
> this:

> [  197.444000] ipw3945: U ipw_debug_config PRIVACY off

Hmm.. That sounds odd..

> [  199.140000] ipw3945: U ipw_best_network Network
> 'tsunami (00:11:21:7d:6d:90)' excluded because of
> privacy mismatch: off != on.

Do you know whether the 'off' is the local configuration or AP value?

> What I noticed were the lines saying that a networe
> was excluded because of a "privacy mismatch". I can
> almost guess what this means (wrong encryption
> settings?) but I don't know how it would be fixed.

Yes, either the driver is somehow deciding to just want unencrypted
connection (I have no idea how ipw3945 driver does this) or the AP is
configured for some kind of mixed mode and the beacon frame is claiming
that it does not use encryption. For the first question, ipw3945
maintainers/mailing list would be a good target to ask this.. For the
second, Cisco AP has lots of odd configuration options, so who knows
what happens there. Maybe something related to guest mode configuration.
Is this AP using a hidden SSID?

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