hostapd and WEP

Nicolas DICHTEL nicolas.dichtel
Thu Nov 30 05:20:02 PST 2006


I'm trying to set up a AP with static WEP keys. I use wpa_supplicant
to test it. wpa_supplicant doesn't choose my AP because privacy
field is set to 0.

802.11 specifications say:
"APs set the Privacy sub?eld to 1 within transmitted Beacon, Probe 
Response, Association Response, and
Reassociation Response management frames if WEP encryption is required 
for all data type frames
exchanged within the BSS. If WEP encryption is not required, the Privacy 
sub?eld is set to 0."

With hostapd, this field is only set to 1 when parameter 
"wep_key_len_broadcast" is set. In my case,
I don't want to use 802.1X, only static WEP keys.

Attached is a patch which tries to solve this. What's your opinion ?

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